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Cat. No. 345BNE

4 x 4 Litre Bottles

NHS Supply Chain Code. FAL14142


Bio-Clean NE is highly recommended for all scopes and cannulated instruments where Biofilm build-up can develop as a result of constant exposure to wet and dry phases during usage and reprocessing.

Cleans, washes and prepares semi-critical medical devices enabling high level disinfectants to kill and remove biofilm.

The only detergent designed to target and dissolve polysaccharides from semi-critical and critical medical devices.

Getting rid of biofilm is a two-step process; mechanical cleaning action using Bio-Clean NE, followed by the use of a liquid chemical sterilant or high level disinfectant. Is the simplest, most inexpensive method of breaking down biofilm and killing the underlying bacteria.

Features and Benefits

  • Removes all bio-burden – blood, carbohydrates, protein, polysaccharides, fats, oils, uric acid and other nitrogenous compounds
  • Cleans the inanimate surfaces where biofilm, germs, allergens or microorganisms can hide, thrive and grow
  • Biologically active additives speed the process of liquefaction and solubilisation
  • Compatible with all medical device material
  • Low sudsing, Neutral pH, Non-Abrasive, Free Rinsing and 100% Biodegradable
  • Works in all water temperatures

Directions for Use

  1. Dilute 4ml per litre of water
  2. Submerge instruments and scopes to be cleaned. For scopes: Suction or flush through channels before soaking
  3. Soak for 2 minutes to remove all organic soils (Heavy soil may require longer time)
  4. Rinse thoroughly with tap, distilled or sterile water
  5. Discard used solution
Bio-Clean NE
Bio-Clean NE 4 Litre Bottle
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