Ruhof Premixslip Sprayer and Dropper

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Cat. No. 345PMX1
Cat. No. 345PMX1D

12 x 500ml Spray Bottles
20 x 250ml Dropper Bottles

NHS Supply Chain Code. FAL742
NHS Supply Chain Code. FAL739


The only premixed instrument lubricant and rust inhibitor clinically tested to be thoroughly steam penetrable and steam sterilisable.

Premixslip® is a non-oily, non-sticky, non-toxic, silicone free lubricant for surgical instruments. It prevents rusting, staining, spotting and tightness of surgical instruments and reduces costly repair and replacement. Premixslip® should be used on a regular basis on all surgical instruments with box joints to prevent tightening and sticking.

The dropper is ideal for small instruments and box joints.


The addition of oil-based compounds to the cleaning process is wrong in principle. They deliberately cause contamination over the entire cleaned surface. If they are to be used the water-soluble type should be used. Mineral oils have poor biocompatibility and may inhibit the penetration of steam or sterilant gases on terminally sterilized product.

Lubrication should only be applied to those areas where it is required during the inspection/packing process after thorough cleaning of the instrument.


Use as is. Do Not Dilute - Shake gently prior to use.

For Spray Applications:

  • Restrict the use of the lubricant to the area of the instrument requiring lubrication using the sprayer or dropper.
  • Allow the Premixslip® to penetrate the joint for about 30 seconds.
  • Test the action of the lubricated joint to ensure penetration.
  • For exceptionally stiff instruments re-apply and actively open and shut the instrument, until loosened.
  • If the lubricant dislodges dried contaminants from the joint. The instrument will require re-cleaning.
  • Seized instruments may require treatment by immersion in a bath of Premixslip.
Ruhof Premixslip 500ml Spray Bottle
Premixslip 500ml Spray Bottle
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Ruhof Premixslip 250ml Dropper Bottle
Premixslip 250ml Dropper Bottle
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