About Us

Peskett Solutions Ltd adopted the name of the only product we distribute in the UK. As of 1st May 2004 Peskett Solutions Ltd traded as RUHOF™ a brand with a worldwide reputation for providing high quality enzymatic cleaners for cleaning instruments, scopes and a complete range of instrument care products into sterile services, operating theatres, endoscopy units and clinics.

In the UK we have been the sole distributor for Ruhof Instrument Care Products since January 2000. We have considered distributing other medical products during this time but decided to stay as a specialist company in this world of large medical corporations. By specialising we have been able to give our customers help and advise on all aspects of instrument care: cleaning, washer disinfectors, ultrasonic washers and instrument maintenance. With 20 years of experience working within and supplying to Sterile Services.

The Signing

The Ruhof name enhances our ability to promote our specialist status as a leader in medical device cleaning technology and allow us to work closely with leading medical device and washer manufacturers in the UK in a non-competitive relationship.

These relationships will help to promote good practice and provide educational and information resources for the customer.

The signing of the agreement to allow
Peskett Solutions Ltd to trade as Ruhof in the UK
22ND March 2004 San Diego USA

Left to right - Frank Bass Ruhof President, Bernard Esquenet Ruhof C.E.O. and Matthew Peskett

Ruhof UK Premises
Our new home from the 1st September 2009

The Ruhof System is a major breakthrough in instrument and scope reprocessing with its unique multi-tiered enzymatic cleaners, rust and corrosion removers and mineral oil lubricants.

Our product line includes our Advanced Proteolitic Action enzymatic detergents, refurbishing products for instruments and autoclaves, lubricants, germicidal surface disinfectants, scope brushes and sponges, odor eliminators, betadine stain removers and more.

It has always been our goal to provide the most efficient, safe and economical combination of products while reducing repair and replacement costs. This is done in our state-of-the-art ISO certified facilities and bears the CE mark, a certification that we meet and exceed the worldwide standards of quality assurance in production and customer service.


RUHOF Corporate Quality Policy

The Ruhof Corporation will continuously maintain a quality management system to ensure the quality of our surgical instrument cleaning products and other state-of-the-art chemical specialties, in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

RUHOF Environmental Policy

Ruhof has taken steps to ensure the Environmental Friendliness of our products.
We have implemented ISO 14001's Environmental Management System.

Ruhof Environmental Policy